BABY - Official Band Photo, circa 1977

Here is Sandy Mann AKA LadyMan AKA Sandy Crespo.
Sandy was the biggest drawing performer in the Tri-State area of N.Y., N.J. & Connecticut. An absolute dynamo with a voice that could blow up any kind of venue.
No pics of me playing drums in this band, as she had a heavy handed Manager in the late John Apostle, but we did some monster shows while this band lasted. Baby got so big while I was a member that I remember being afraid to go to shows after hearing all the radio advertisements for us while driving there. I was just a kid, around 19 yrs. old when I signed on with Baby.
Sandy and I have had our ups and downs, but she is my Sister in Law, I love her dearly and through my connection with her came the very best life can offer.
Warning: This gal still has a lotta, lotta kid in her!!