Here's a pic of me with legendary Singer Songwriter Charlelie Couture. I played bass on his smash LP "Poemes Rock" (Island Records). This record was certified Gold in the early 1980s. I learned a lot from Charlelie as a writer, in particular following your own internal voice and instincts.
Left to Right: Jimmy Kober (Drums), Johnny Gale (Guitar) & Keith Gale (Bass). We're in Nancy, France here, Charlelie's hometown. It's up by Belgium - cold!!!

Left to Right: Jimmy Kober (Drums),

Johnny Gale with Charlelie and Jimmy Kober in the background.

Keith Gale with wearing a "Whiplash" T-Shirt. I wasn't thrilled being there, although France is beautiful. I get homesick as a mutha!