The DANDELIONS! - Keith Karloff Assembled House Band for Paradise Lounge - Deal With It!!

I put this concept band together at the request of Paradise Lounge owner Robin Reichert for a "House Band" to play off-off nights, day after Labor Day, etc. I was an employee there for many years, as was everyone you see onstage.
The Dandelions featured members of popular scene bands Buck Naked and The Bare Bottom Boys, The Billy Nayer Show, Motherlode, Bourbon Deluxe and my own Gone Jackals. We played Rolling Stones tunes and dressed in drag.
The "Lions" were whole helluva lot easier to get taken to heart in S.F. than the GJs ever were. Both bands were playing concurrently with the GJs receiving the super agro cold shoulder from local booking magnates. Kind of wanted to prove a point here with Dandelions: There is no escaping an ired Carpathian man!
I believe our third or fourth show was as headliner at the I Beam. Note the folks hanging from the rafters in these shots. Probably a Sunday or Tues. night.

Cory MacAbee and Keith Karloff

Strutting our stuff, perhaps rippin' out "Bitch"

Packing them in - Paradise Lounge's "Blue Room".

L-R: Bobby Mack (Bourbon Deluxe). The Late Great Buck Naked (Buck Naked and The Bare Bottom Boys), Corry McAbee (Billy Nayer Show), Ben Redfern (Motherload) & Keith Karloff (The Gone Jackals)

BUCK NAKED on Vox Phantom Bass!!

My best buddy in S.F., Buck Naked. He was my primary baby sitter, fellow baseball activist, bandmate, co-worker, designed the first Gone Jackals CD cover, etc. We were working on a comic book/short story venture at the time of his tragic death.
I'll never forget this guy - he was truly one of a kind.


My good friend Bobby Mack. Bobby kept me out of plenty of trouble back then and is still a personal and musical advisor to this day. A personal guru.
Wicked Telecaster through a wicked rig. Bobby is one badass guy!

Just Dandy!!

Buck and I sharing a funny moment. We nearly had the world by the balls at this time. Cory is emoting some decadent Jagger/Richards lyrics., maybe "Stray Cat Blues".
Note Ben Redfern on his Classic Ludwig "Club Date" set.