The Gone Jackals - "Bone To Pick", "Full Throttle" (LucasArts) & the envelope pushing "Blue Pyramid"!
Keith Karloff - Promo Pic

Shot these at a friend's house, Karen Reynolds, who was handling a lot of biz for us w/Record Co.s and LucasArts. She was trying to handle me too - quite a task!
There were no special effects used in this photograph, BTW. What you see is what you got!

Gone Jackals at Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic Soundstage

We made a video for "Legacy" from our CD "Bone to Pick" here. Have all this stuff on VHS. If anyone has gear to convert this to digital, I have some wailin' footage.
Note my skin color here - nice!
Gone Jackals Composite Shot, Oakland, CA

Here's a fun pic of us doin' our thing.

A "Still" from our video shoot at ILM

This shot features Mark Olier on guitar. Judd had left the band, pursuing several women and Mark was kind enough to give us some breathing room until Judd wore himself out.
Mark also played guitar at the "Full Throttle Game Release Party" at the DNA Lounge. The DNA was our best regular SF venue, but this show was really something special. Have lots of footage from ABC, CBS and NBC who all covered the event - it's on VHS though ...

On the Soundstage at ILM

Rippin' out a few tunes here, note the motorcycles on the stage. The one with the radically kicked out fork is my buddy Jim "Jimbo" Hallman's from Hayward.

Alt. Promo Pic

Sporting my 1956 Les Paul Junior, my main axe with the GJs and on plenty of Bonedrivers tracks too. Wanted one of these since I saw Leslie West with Mountain at the Fillmore East, as a lad.