Keith Gale - Stepping Out Solo in N.Y.C., Early 80s
Keith Gale the Bitter End, Bleecker St. (Greenwich Village), N.Y.C.

I had been performing solo acoustic for a few months in the Village at Kenny's Castaways, Folk City, Bitter End, etc., then picked up ace bassman Angelo D'Amato and we started to pick up steam. I had interest from Arista Records as an Acoustic/Folk act and the Bleecker St. strip was buzzing with the signings of Carolyn Mas, Steve Forbert and Willie Nile.
Naturally, I insisted on using a full, electric, raucous Rock-N-Roll band.

at CBGBs

Here I'm using an Explorer guitar that I got from good buddy Jimmy Cooke. These guitars are way cool, but the headstocks come off them pretty easily.

Back at CBGBs

Me on a different Telecaster, D.D. Lobo on guitar (boy, did I try to get this feller to relocate with me - what a player!), Angelo D'Amato on bass and my friend, the late George Lomuscio on The Rogers pink champagne sparkle drums.

Keith Gale -Big Show at Xenon, Midtown, Manhattan

This was a big gig for us - we were nervous, but it came off well.

Full Band at Xenon

Angelo D'Amato on bass
, me on
vox and guitar, George Lomuscio on drums andD.D. Lobo on guitar