Official Band Photo, circa 1975

R-L: George Kobryn (keyboards), Jimmy McGloin (guitar and vocals), Steve "Crash" Carrano (bass and vocals), Keith Gale (drums) & Dee Snider (lead vocals) seated.
These guys were terrific, loaded with talent. But ... I got great offers from a much bigger bands Baby and Twisted Sister (original lineup with Frontman Michael Valentine and Guitarist Billy Diamond) and wasn't in a position to turn anyone down - ended up joining Baby, the more stable band.
I am barely 18 in this picture and had been working as a full time professional musician for close to two years by then.
My first paid gig was at age 12.

Tearing it up at Pinecrest Country Club, Westport, Connecticut, 1975

A very young Dee Snider's leg works the crowd in front of me. A dynamic frontman to work behind!

Official Band Photo, circa 1977

Clockwise L-R: Julius Manno AKA Al Martin (Lead Gtr. and vocals), Jimmy McGloin (lead vocals and guitar), Steve "Crash" Carrano (bass and vocals), George Kobryn (keyboards), Keith Gale (drums) seated.
Julius Manno is currently one of the hotter guitarists on the scene in Austin, TX and is, and will always be, one of the best friends I've ever had in my life.
Dig my jean hot pants and platform boots - they're pink!!

Official Band Photo II, circa 1977

L-R: Keith Gale (drums), Steve "Crash" Carrano (bass and vocals), Jimmy McGloin (lead vocals and guitar), Julius Manno AKA Al Martin (Lead Gtr. and vocals), , George Kobryn (keyboards)
Here we're in our custom made jump suits. We played two featured "show" sets, one with Brittish material, the other with American material. We had another jumpsuit we wore for our "American Set" with red and white stripes for the four of us, blue with white stars for the Lead Singer.
You can see from my weight here that I was having a hard time hanging in there with this band, no matter what I believed the upside do be. Bear in mind, we were already recording for and at RCA at this time - a tough call leaving these guys.