SAMANTHA - From Dion & The Belmonts to Black Sabbath to The Ramones

Check out my Ampeg SVTs, baby! I'm one of the very fortunate musicians who had the ultimate dream experience: walking into Manny's Music in N.Y. with my Manager, Al Dellentash, who invited me to "buy anything you'd like!".

Stu Hamlin, Samantha's Front Man. A ball of energy and a sweet guy.

Wailing on my Fender Precision bass!

Stu and Keith hooking up on some two part harmony.

The inimitable Marcello Pagano on Guitar and Vox. A consumate performer - explosive - and a joy to work with as well. A classic!
Marcello Pagano and Keith Gale ripping it up!

Keith Gale sans clothes on vacation in the Pennsylvania mountains.

His Gal likes what she sees - for a weedy guy, he's mighty strong!

Johnny Gale getting nasty on his 1959 Three Pickup Les Paul Custom. This looks like a theater show.

The formidable John O'Reilly banging it out on drums. This looks to be Twisted Sister's gear wer're sharing - note the pink paint on the speakers.
O'Reilly is simply a monster player, BTW.

Keith Gale and John O'Reilly laying down the thunder!