Keith Gale on Acs. Guitar

Stepping out from behind the drums, I'm probably playing the Rolling Stones' "Lady Jane" here with Charlie singing lead. We were doing very well in the Tri-State area and had a very dynamic show at this point
This shot was likely taken at Casablanca in Queens N.Y. You really old timers would remember this room as Community Gardens.
Keith Gale w/Favorite Gal, New Years Eve in Central N.J.

I liked this particular gal so much that we've been together for over 30 years now!
As you can see, she does a good job of steadying me!
Johnny and Keith at Mother's, N.J.

Lookout, baby!
Keith Gale on Camco Drums

This is getting towards the end of my pro drumming career.
We had great roadcrews in this band, Keith Carroll, Gene Arpino, Frank Casamessina, Bob McGuiness, Jimmy Waters, etc. They used to hang stuffed toys and other assorted mojos on and around my drums. What a great bunch of guys!
Johnny and Keith at the Soundboard, early picture

Someone snapped a pic at a nice moment
Our folks never supported our musical endeavors leaving my brother with way more responsiblity in looking out for me than he should have had - true in general too. This was one tough assignment as I was as wild and raw as a 19 yr. old kid right off the hard streets of Queens could be. He did the best that he could.
Backstage at Morristown Theater, N.J.

I'm already on bass here, having made the transition from drums. Our manager, the very controversial Al Dellentash, is seated in the front of this pic. Have my 1962 Precision Bass strapped on and ready to go.