From the Bonedrivers CD "Greasefire" BB 5420


Threw some ham in the skillet,
a scoop of Crisco too.
Added half an onion
and a pinch of conka root.

Popped a bottle of Ripple,
lit an El Producto Blunt.
Nodded off in my boxer shorts
waitin' on a hot cross bun.
Waitin' on a hot cross bun.


Drivin' in my Charger
South on 101.
The headers on my MOPAR machine
were smokin' like a gun.


You're playing with fire.
You're playing with fire.

Smoke came out the dashboard,
up my pedals too.
So I jammed my foot down harder,
flames jumped out the hood.

Keith Karloff
© 2013 Leather Volcano Music BMI