From The Bonedrivers CD "Greasefire" BB 5420

Let's do it in Mississippi
Let's do it in 'Bama too.
Let's do it in Louisiana
until there's nothing left to do.

I went down to Tuscaloosa
for the return of Sam The Sham.
There were Country Music Stars and racing cars
and I shook it to “JuJu Hand”.

Cut over to the heart of Georgia,
out by Macon way.
Toured the Allman Brothers' den, looked up Little Richard's kin,
Now I'm back and here to say:

So I followed my nose to Shreveport
met a man who told me “Son,
if you can make it past my shack on this alligator's back
he'll show you where the big bass run.

Keith Karloff
© 2013 Leather Volcano Music BMI