From The Bonedrivers CD "Greasefire" BB 5420

Got a foot in the future,
got a foot in the past.
As time marches on
gonna rip me in half.
Bumper to bumper,
side to side.
Gotta move that line.

I'm searchin' for signs
'cause I'm lost in time.
I'm lost in time
Got no choice but to drive.
Drive on!

World keeps a churnin',
goin' round and round.
She chews you up,
spits you out.
That retro hipster
driving your first ride
is eating you alive.

Got nowhere to run,
got nowhere to hide.
You feel through your days
like you're drunk and you're blind.
You're lost in time.
Baby, you're lost in time.

Keith Karloff
© 2013 Leather Volcano Music BMI