From The Bonedrivers CD "Greasefire" BB 5420

The love line runs
through the palm of your hand,
but it might as well be carved in stone.
So I went to a woman,
lives down the road,
who's as wise as she's old.

You keep on bouncin' in and out of my life,
and your tone has become controlled.
I ain't got the will, the strength or the time
to watch our world go cold.

She looked in my hand
and what did she see?
Saw your love line crossing me.
It's nobody's fault,
what's in the stars,
Just the way it's supposed to be

She sat me down
in a parlor of blue
with silk scarves on the walls.
There was incense burning,
and cards 'a turning,
at her hands was a crystal ball.

She knew right away
why I'd come to her
and offered up a julip tea.
Her voice was kind
as she met my eyes
but her words knocked me outta my seat.

I'm standing in line for your love, babe.
The line stretches round the block.
By the time I reach the box office baby,
I'm sure to be out of luck.

Keith Karloff
© 2013 Leather Volcanon Music BMI