The Gone Jackals
The Gone Jackals - Early Promo Pic

Here's a stock shot from our "Out and About" period. We're sporting plenty of paisley, which I still wear frequently with The Bonedrivers.
Clockwise: R.D. Maynard (bass), Trey Sabatelli (drums), Judd Austin (guitar and vox), Keith Karloff (vox and guitar).

at Cal Berkeley, Sproul Plaza

Transition period, very early Gone Jackals, very early Keith Gale to Keith Karloff transition.
This is a five piece band with Jimmy Cooke (keyboards/guitar) out of the frame to the right..
Gone Jackals at Paradise Lounge, San Francisco

We're in full swing here, doing well in both Northern and Southern California. Did Trey's fuzzy blue Ludwig drums!

Playing a "Nooner" at Fresno State University

"I'm Workin' on You" was in rotation on CSF's radio station, as well as the monolithic 91X in San Diego. This pic was shot when we probably played in SD or LA the night before, drove up to Fresno, slept for an hour or two, then hit the Campus stage at noon sharp.
This was a decent show, if memory serves me correctly.

Gone Jackals on a Rooftop in the Haight Ashbury

Our official pic during the "Bone To Pick" recording.
L-R: Brian Sutter (drums), Judd Austin (guitar and vox), Keith Karloff (vox and guitar) and Warren America (bass).
Trey had left the band for greener pastures with The Tubes, Todd Rundgren and The Starship. R.D. was going through a tough period and needed some time to work things out. I was right on his heels.

Black Leather Chaps, Fuzzy Blue Drums

Paradise Lounge, Blue Room.. Ascending to our musical peak here. Maybe I'm tearing ou the solo to "Trapped" here. That one turned out pretty well!

Judd Austin - Native Son, Wailing Guitar Man

Paradise Lounge, maybe kicking off the intro to "Hey, Rosalyn!"

Keith Karloff and Rudy Maynard - Doin' that "Shaman" Thing

I'm giving the sign of the pyramid here, the pyramid of Blues which begins with Robert Johnson, moves through the Kings, through The Stones and Yardbirds, through Hendrix, Leslie West (a Queens lad too!) and, hopefully showed in the grain of The Gone Jackals.

Trey Sabatelli

This feller is such a hot drummer that I was writing around his playing. We couldn't have pulled off tracks like "Legacy" and "Not Buried Deep Enough" if we didn't have Trey on board. A good dude - still a bud!

Keith and Rudy again - "Born Bad!!!"